Traveling Abroad – Why Use British English?

News Aug 19, 2021

The advantages of travel are many, not least the financial ones: travel will get you to where you want to go, when you want to go there. It’s the best way to see new places and talk to people. Travel is more than about getting from one place to another: it’s about getting back there in a relaxed mood. When you’re not feeling stressed out about your daily routine, take some time off and travel for a week. Your mind and body will benefit in several ways.

The advantages of travel are not only a one-off thing: travelling changes you both mentally and physically. With little money or time to invest, not having enough money or time is no excuse not to travel. Now you can travel for free quite easily if you already have a job. Even if you have a family and a full-time occupation, you could travel on the weekends or vacations, with almost no outlay.

Traveling expands your horizons and meets all your needs for socialization. When travelling you meet new friends from different parts of the world, you make new friends from the local area, you meet new things and sights, and you see more than one place at a time. All these different experiences and encounters are what make travelling fun and exciting. It’s something that you look forward to when you plan your trip and book your hotel: the excitement and anticipation are huge.

The disadvantages of travelling are fewer, but they do exist. For example, a few people who have had experience travelling as tourists have found that they cannot work or maintain employment in certain British industries because of their traveling lifestyle. People who are self-employed or have small businesses in Britain may find that their enterprise is disrupted when their business is negatively affected by a lack of international traffic. Even though it has been suggested that the British government should consider changes to its immigration rules to allow more restricted classifications for the purposes of travel, this has yet to be done.

The drawbacks to travelling are few, but they do exist. One is the fact that you will never see the sights you would otherwise be able to see while traveling. You will never see the cultural gems that you would otherwise be able to see. And you may miss out on some of the finer things in life. That is why some people prefer the use of American English when travelling outside of America.

You can use American English when travelling in the United States, Canada or Australia, but not when travelling to Great Britain. You should consider using British English when travelling to Canada if you want to make friends and establish contact with people whose culture is completely different to yours. The same goes if you are travelling to the United Kingdom, and you want to visit a museum in England, and you would like to use British English, make sure that you are aware of the differences between the British spoken language and American English before you go.