Dribbling Tips For Traveling Violations

News Aug 28, 2021

Dribbling Tips For Traveling Violations

Traveling is a perfect remedy for depression, stress and anxiety. It rejuvenates the body and improves the mental and emotional well-being. Anyone who travels a lot must thank God for making him evolved enough to have only one life under him and should absolutely thankful for making such fortunate being on this earth. No wonder the traveling induces stress and anxiety is that once you start traveling, your very own routine gets disturbed.

For example, a basketball team playing in the airport to reach the venue during the scheduled time will definitely create a lot of tension among the players and the coach. In the same way, a player getting suspended from the team for violating the travel rule number two hundred fifty-five hundred fifteen hundred thirty-five hundred seventy-five is going to create serious disturbance among the teammates as well as the coach. The same scenario can be played out in a basketball court in a real game or in a travel basketball game; for traveling there is no clear boundary line to delineate what is within the limits of the rules and what is outside it.

There are a few things that we as players should know before traveling. First, we should know that traveling does not mean that we are allowed to do our thing on another person’s property or even inside someone else’s home. Violating the privacy of a person or their home is an obvious violation of the travel rule. So if a player violates the privacy of a person or their house by traveling, it is obvious the player is breaking the law.

When traveling we should learn to use our pivot foot. The pivot foot is a very important skill that has to be acquired while playing basketball. The pivot foot is a technique to shift weight from heel to toe while pivoting on one foot. To practice this footwork, the player stepping into a jump shot should pivot at the right foot and step out in front of the shot so the opposite foot would be on the ground. When performing this, the pivot foot must be straight with heels slightly lifted.

The great thing about the pivot foot is that it helps in gaining better control when dribbling the ball and controlling the ball after the bounce. When performing the necessary movement to the basket, pivoting is the best way to perform it. This is especially true when performing a crossover dribble where the crossover dribbles the ball on the outside of the hoop. When performing a crossover dribble while traveling the pivot foot should always face the basket so that the player can make a straight throw to the basket.

If a player is caught traveling they are in big trouble because it usually results in a foul call. A traveling violation often means that the player will have to go to the free throw line and attempt to make a three-point attempt. Other consequences for a traveling violation include a suspension for the team and player and possibly some points from the game. In some cases the other team may even receive a penalty as well.